Screw the about page, that’s so last week. Why is better.

Why the name Crispy Hundos?

One night not so long ago while walking back to a friend’s apartment at nearly five in the morning through Manhattan, my friend turns to me and asks to borrow two bucks to get a muffin at the corner store.  I replied with, “I only have crispy hundos in my wallet” referring to hundred dollar bills.  Some jokes were made, including one by me that I was going to buy the domain name upon return to the apartment.  The joke turned into a dare, and an hour later I bought it.

Why do you show such random photos here?

Because I can!  Honestly, I didn’t know what to do with the domain name when I bought it, then I figured I’d turn it into a random photo blog to show off the stupid stuff I text message to my friends or whatever.  It also gets me taking photos every single day again.  My real photography portfolio is located here.

Why are there no words or clever descriptions?

Because I like minimalism.  And because I hate telling you how to feel about something visual.  You can come up with your own. I write enough words here.

Why is there only one photo per day?

There isn’t. Sometimes there are a few that are grouped together in one post, but I only post one per day.  Because I’ve automated the process and changed how I post to Crispy Hundos, you are likely to see several in one day and none the following.  I explain this better three questions down.

Why can’t I leave a comment?

Because comments get over-run with spam and no one likes spam.  Now you can!  Provided you are logged into your Facebook account you can now easily leave comments for all the photos!

Why do you take so many photos of food?

I like food, don’t you?

Why do the titles sometimes include weird #signs and @names, what gives?

I’ve synced my Instagram account to auto-publish here to Crispy Hundos, fancy huh?  Because I use #hashtags and sometimes mention people utilizing the Instagram / Twitter protocol @name, you’ll see them show up in the titles.  I do my best to edit them once I get to a computer but I’m lazy and sometimes it takes me a few days.


All photos are © Mike Panic / mikepanic.com.  Please don’t steal photos and claim them as your own.  There are enough social media icons on each post to share with your friends / family / Facebook and all that other fun stuff.  If you have questions or concerns, you can contact me here.  Like this site and want one of your own?  You can hire me.

  • July 1st, 2010
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